Do you remember those old Calvin Klein ads where people would just be standing around without shirts on, and there was just a white backdrop; then someone would look straight into the camera and whisper “obsession.” Oh I get it, the white back drop is a metaphor for life on earth and shirtless means you are still a child inside and um… wait, no it meant nothing!! Those commercials and ads were stupid, they did the job cause here I am talking about it 10 years after the fact, but none the less, stupid and very heroin sheik.

That really had nothing to do with anything I am writing about other then the name of the product they were trying to sell, Obsession. What is that? What does this word mean. Well I was pretty bored yesterday so I thought I would take a gander at the true definition, so here are two different ones for ya; 1. “The domination of ones thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, ect” 2. “An unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with something or someone.”

I am a youth leader at the church I work at, and two of the girls in my group are obsessed with a Korean boy band. There name…Big Bang. They have played some of there music for me and I won’t say its bad, but I will include the link so you can decide for yourself… http://youtube.com/watch?v=cYr9pkxUOrI&feature=related and yes they did steal the whole song from Maroon 5.

But I can’t point my finger and laugh to hard at Ester and Olivia, because when I was there age I had obsession with someone, her name….Jessica Simpson. Yes, I was in love with this woman. Now, don’t get me wrong this was pre-skank days of Jessica. Pre-Newlyweds fam. Pre-divorce-trashy looking days. I bought her first album and fell in love. “I wanna love you forever” oh it takes me back to my youth…. Anyways, everyone has some kind of obsession, could be sports, could be your g/f or b/f, it could even be facebook. But this all depends on the person.

So my thoughts of obsession turned to the Bible, and I asked the question, “out of all the Bible, who was obsessed with God?” You could probably name people all day, from Moses to Paul. But one person jumped out at me. David. David is the only one in the Bible who is referred to as a man after Gods own heart. It is a known fact that David himself wrote AT LEAST 73 of the chapters in Psalms! Try to grasp this, out of all the Bible the book of Psalms is completely different, its not history, or prophecy, its a book of songs. So David had at least 73 songs, published for people to read over the past 3000 years. I am sure he wasn’t the only guy writing songs back then, but he was the standard. He was the Ben Folds, the Jay-z, or whoever you think writes good songs, Chris Tomlin? One of the best examples is Psalms 63. You can see his passion in the first verse.

Psalms 63:1 “..Earnestly I seek you, my soul thirsts for you, my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water.”

What in your life makes you feel like this. I am engaged and I don’t ever want to live with out her, but the honest truth is I could and she could live with out me, even thought it would be very tough. But David is here screaming out to God saying “God I thirst for you! My body aches and longs for you, I am like a man wandering in a desert!” wow. David was obsessed with God.

You may think you feel that way about some new thing you have. An ipod, clothes, maybe even a girl or a boy. But its fleeting, it won’t last. There will be a new ipod out next summer. You will get a hole in your jeans. That girl or boy will break your heart, even if he/she doesn’t, you aren’t going to hold hands and follow each other into the dark…thanks death cab. Bottom line is you can live without Jesus. You can go through every single day of your life with out him. But as soon as that second life comes around you won’t be able to live without Jesus, and you will have lost your chance to.

Obsess over Christ. let me repeat the definitions, and put Jesus in this spot…”Jesus dominates my thoughts and feelings, I am persistent in bringing all my reasoning back to Him, I am compulsive and preoccupied with my relationship with Jesus.” If you put any other thing instead of Jesus, it is wrong. But its okay to be obsessed with Christ. So do it.


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