The Grammys.

Well the grammys were just the other night and I had actually taken some notes to write a little bit of a recap…

The night started with U2, which would have been a good choice 3 years ago. Boring song. Bono I love you, but it was weak.

Following U2 was Whitney Houston, who looked surprisingly good for all the rumors about abusing drugs recently, but we will move on..

Whitney annoucned the winner of R&B Album which was Jennifer Hudson. Okay, so I feel for this girl losing her family and all, and shes got a good voice, but Oscar and Grammy within 1 year~Im not convinced shes all THAT talented.

The Jonas Brothers performed with Stevie Wonder. Don’t know who thought of that pair, but that wasn’t smart.

Chris Martin performed Lost with just him and a piano, then Jay-Z walked in and dropped a verse in. Good stuff right here. Then the rest of Coldplay played their cd title and grammy nominated song Viva La Vida. Again if you can pull off beating a symphony drum, a miniature version of the liberty bell, and have no typical drum set at the grammys you are doing okay.

Katy Perry sang “I Kissed A Girl” and she sounded like she lost all her breath from running around the giant fruit that was onstage?! Kanye West and Estelle did an abbreviated version of, “American Boy”. Kanye was rocking an awkward afro mullety thing. Strange days we are living in. They announced the Best New Artist and that went to Adele.

Kenny Chesney performed still inside the where you hang them clothes. P.Diddy, Herbie Hancock, and Natalie Cole announced the winner of the Grammy for Record Of The Year. Once again Robert Plant and Allison Krauss. Kinda far from Led Zepplin.

Queen Latifah got whistled at as she walked on stage to introduce a very prego M.I.A. with T.I., Jay-Z, and Lil’ Wayne. “Swagger Like Us” what a dumb song. Actually disappointed that Jay was with this ensemble.

Kate Beckinsale introduced Paul McCartney, who sang, “I Saw Her Standing There”. Kate Beckinsale was more memorable then Pauly.

Jack Black and Charlie Haden announced the winner of Male Pop Vocals, which went to John Mayer for his song, “Say”. I could have a very big man crush on John Mayer.

Sugarland and Adele performed. Sugarland sang her song by herself, then joined Adele and almost ruined it with her cat screaming. Radiohead performed on acid more then likely. Lil’ Wayne performed alongside Robin Thicke next, the xerox copy of Justin Timberlake, and if you don’t get that…xeroxes are very poor quality compared to the original.

Will.I.Am and T-Pain announced Best Rap Album to Lil Wayne. Allison Krauss and Robert Plant sang two songs from their album…bland. Green Day announced Album Of The Year. drum roll…Robert Plant and Allison Krauss “Raising Sand”.

Stevie Wonder closed out the show with his performance of “All About The Love Again”.


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