The Bonus Jonas-es.

If you are reading this and you do not know who the Jonas Brothers are you probably have kids. And those kids of yours are probably in love with one if not all three of them. I do not know much about them, other then noticing that they bare a huge resemblance to the band Hanson about 10 years ago. Not in the sense of long blonde hair, but there are 3 of them, they are brothers, and they make tweens (9-13yr olds) do this….

I took this picture while watching some show about winning tickets to the new Jonas Brothers movie coming out sometime soon. And I paused it and took a picture. Again, very reminiscent of what the old school Hanson Brothers used to cause emotionally in young ladies. But enough of about that… I want to get into the subject of the extra Jonas-es. Look at this photo…

The Jonas Brothers?? Who are the guys on the bass, drums and keys? Come on Jonases give some credit to the people that make you sound good. I even tried to find out who these guys were and could find nothing. So if you want to beef up your resume just add that you played bass for the Jonas Brothers on their last tour, no one would ever know. No, don’t do that.

This blog is dedicated to the musicians that stand in the background for celeb-uscians. You will be honored here if not anywhere else. Good day to you.


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