This is a topic that is really overlooked by Christians. My first guess would be because it is so easy to see that most, if not all, Christians have something about them that is lukewarm. Something that they hold back to keep them in that room temperature spot that we find the American Christian culture right now to be at.

I think that is what is special about mission trips. You go and are totally committed. You are doing things for Christ, and not for yourself at all. And you feel good because really that is how the Christian life should be lived everyday. But how quick and easily we forget when we are back inside our comfort zones. Maybe not right away, but soon we get back into “our” place and it then becomes the same struggle to live a Christ like life.

Maybe it has something to do with suffering. The people that I have met with the strongest faith have always been people that have been challenged some way in their walk with Christ. America is free, which is awesome, but also takes a toll on our faith. I think there are so many people walking around saying they are Christians because they have no one threatening them for their beliefs. I mean to be uber dramatic, if it was against the law to claim Christ, there would be a lot less people saying that they were following his teachings.

I also found it interesting that when I googled lukewarm I got multiple things for Christians and Politicians. I found this funny at first but after looking more closely I realized that politics had so many hits was because they had more then likely took a “lukewarm” stance on some issue. The reason they took that lukewarm position is mostly for approval. I think you could say that is just like Christians. We want the approval of some people or some other thing more then sticking with Christ. Ah. Thats convicting just to type in here because I know I do it all the time.

Rev 3:15 says God spits out lukewarm people. I don’t want to be one of those people, so instead of being comfortable I am going to try to put myself into situations and places where I have to be out of my comfort zone. I think that is the best solution to try to live out my Christian life as an actual “Christian.”


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