the getaway.

Well my wife went to Florida this past weekend to visit her family and surprise her best friend Emily. Emily is going to be teaching English for a year in Korea, so LaRae flew down to say goodbye. Here is a shout out to Emily in Korea…Holla.
Anyways, I was left alone, which was okay because March Madness is in full effect and I was ready to just sit and watch. So thats what I did for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sunday I led worship and had a meeting, but my bags were packed cause I was heading to Lynchburg after the meeting. Sunday night was good got to hang out with my best friends and met Joshs lady friend, who seems to be an awesome lady. Monday I got lunch with my old coworkers from Student Life and that was fun. And I spent the rest of the day at White Heart working on jank. Ryan Law, Matt Addington, John Wyche and some others all added up to an afternoon of good times. Miss all those guys. Anyways, did not do much that night besides go look at the new stuff on campus with Nick Kameno and stop at starbucks because 11pm seems so late to me now. Sad I know. We ended the night at mcdonalds, basically because there was nothing else open. Anyways the whole reason for this blog was to post this picture, he didnt have a car he just walked through the drive through. He also had a sweet “starter” jacket on and I complimented him on it, for which he was appreciative. Needless to say, it was a good trip. Thank you Liberty and Lynchburg for the memories.


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