Does Satan Exist.

When did truth, become known as truth to you?

I just got done, or rather just am finishing up watching a debate that was on ABC Nightline that was about Satans existence. It was a debate between Mars Hill pastor Mark Driscoll, a woman named Annie Lobert who was a prostitute and now is a believer and has a ministry to reach out to prostitutes. On the otherside there was a Philosopher named Deepak Chopra and the “Bishop” Carlton Pearson. Usually these dabates are just badly put together and when put on a show like this, typically they are unequally stacked against the “Christian” side. This time it was pretty even. Annie was very emotionally based, while Mark was surprisingly scholarly and intellectual. Deepak was clearly the smart guy on the other side, with the Bishop being the dumbest on stage by far, thats not just my opinion either, when people in the audience laugh at you, you are not doing so hot. The Bishop said some things that a 2nd grade student in a debate class could have tore down. He kept quoting the Bible, but believed that some of it was wrong and mythical. Um…? Don’t think you can pick and choose bud, this isn’t a buffet.

To be completely honest when I turned this on I did not have high hopes, I have read some of Driscolls books and did not see him being good in this role but he did do very well. Hit some out of the park actually. I found it very interesting that Deepak was pushing very hard that if it works for you thats fine, truth is what is truth to you, and so on. But when he was pushed, by Mark, he was very very opposed to Christianity, quoted scripture and really had a lot of questions about it. Mark answered every one of them and even corrected Deepak about Hebrew, which was great. Im also glad that Driscoll didn’t sugar coat it, he said many times that Jesus was the only way, he’s the only truth. Anyways, if you get some free time watch this video. Its good.


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