sufficient- adequate, meeting the need of.

Your grace is sufficient for me. your strength is made perfect when I am weak all that i cling to i lay at your feet, your grace is suffiecient for me.
To see the Lord the promise land, where in all sins and pearly gates look bland, and what was once a pearl now sand, that blows away. In light of Him.

This simple little chorus has so much going on. first declaring the sufficiency of Gods grace, and then acknowledges that at our weakest His strengths is made perfect. Its actually always perfect, but we see its perfection when we are at our least. Then it talks about how it will be to see the Lord and how it will make everything, even the pearly gates that line Gods city, look bland. And the things we treasure will be just like sand that blows away. I don’t know about you guys, but I am pumped about that.


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