If you read this please just take the time to stop and think about the love of Christ. Easter is next week, and yeah we always think about how much God loves us because he sent his Son and he died for us. But take the time to think about how he loves us. He loves me the way I am. Not the future me, or the man that I want to be. My mistakes, my faults, my sins; it doesn’t matter, He loves me in spite of all this. Sometimes I do feel an urge to put on the “Saint Cody Suit.” After all I am a worship leader at a church so that means I need to be perfect. But that is totally wrong. God doesn’t love “Saint Cody” because He didn’t make him. He made me. Yes I am going to always try to be a better man and strive to be like Christ, but to white wash myself to appear like I am something else isn’t right. That is why I work at being the same person on Saturday night as I am on Sunday morning. And if I do this and work at it, then I can leave that Saint Cody Suit in the closet.
Sometimes I think my reputation is so much more important then my actual relationship with Jesus. So I can end up wasting so much time protecting my rep. I believe that a true liberty or freedom exists once you can be real with yourself and others, with no fear of being “caught.” I am not saying just abandon your testimony, represent Christ always! But remember to be real and authentic. Perfection is not real and won’t be achieved by us (Ecclesiastes 7:20). So why do we pretend to be that which isn’t even reality? I know that sounded very philosophical, but just think it over.


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