a tough question.

How many of the people around you will be with you in heaven? Its a hard question. And don’t get me wrong, please don’t go around judging if people are gonna be in heaven or not, but sadly I think it will be only a percentage of your attendance at your local church.

To switch gears just a little bit, think about Funerals you have been to. I have been to a bunch, but probably only 5 or 6 where I was actually close to the person and not just an acquaintance. And there have been times where it was some of the best worship I have ever encountered. Tears are rolling off cheeks, but there is a smile underneath the salty glare because people are so excited for the person that passed away. They are sad that they won’t see that person at the grocery store, or at the weekly bridge game, but so excited and joyful that that person is in the presence of Christ. And know that they heard those words “well done..” from Christ.

Then there is the exact opposite. You knew the person and never really saw any fruit from that person, so you are really left with no hope. Nothing to hold onto. Even the pastor is searching for things to say. Those are the roughest times for a Christian I think. Knowing that there is no hope and its eternity. It makes my stomach sick just thinking about it.

So going back to the main question, how many people around you will be with you in heaven? Looking at Jesus and what he says makes it even harder. In Luke 14:27 Jesus says that you have to hate your family to be a disciple of Him. Wow, harsh. He is saying that your relationships have to be put behind Christ. Every relationship, you must love Him more then all of your friends, spouse, and even your parents! Its a hard thing. Then in verse 33 He makes it even a little tougher, by saying if you can not give everything away then you can not be his disciple. ah.

These are difficult things, it is a daily battle to put my best friends above Christ, let alone my wife. And giving away everything is something that in theory I would be willing to do, but I have never been presented with that so who knows. But if Jesus says these are the things that are requirements to be His disciple, then again ask yourself this question… how many of the people I am around you will be with you in heaven?


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