Well the king of pop is dead. And he left behind a legacy of shuffling backwards, a history of crying/fainting fans and questions about his private life.
I must say that being a music lover it is unbelievable what Mr. Jackson accomplished in music. He was worldwide before the internet. How? It seems now that that would be just impossible. He basically invented the music video, really they are all just ridiculous.
All that being said, the way that America and a lot of the world celebrated him in death really made me nauseous. Not because they celebrated him to much, 750,000 people paid their respects, over 100 news outlets, 3200 cops and traffic jams galore, all for Michael. They said it was the biggest event since the ’84 olympics.
What made me feel a little sick is that the way these fans celebrated Michael is sometimes more then I celebrate the creator of the Universe.
Follow me on this… If we want to reach lost people, and those same lost people love something/someone (in this case Michael Jackson) more then WE love Christ, they are just going to laugh at us. They know what true love and worship is – its spending time with that thing and knowing everything you can about it. They would question your belief structure by thinking if they really love this Jesus they would know the things he talks about, they would spend time with Him because they want to, they would brag about him to people every chance that they got. After all, Jesus created Michael so how much better is HE then him?
Salvation is not earned by works, obviously, thats what makes it the gospel (good news). But if we are acting like Christians we will be doing good works, I should be the best I can be 24/7, because I will show Christ to every single person I come in contact with.
We as Christians should really stick out, sometimes like a sore thumb. The gospel is supposed to be offensive. It says we are all sinners, that we aren’t perfect and we are not good enough to save ourselves. Its also offensive cause there is no real gray area. You need Christ in your life or you go to hell. It doesn’t matter how good of a Buddhist or Baptist you are, if you don’t have Christ you have no shot. So I should stick out, but the catch 22 is I shouldn’t walk around condemning people, I should show them love, love that they have never seen because Christ is the one that first loved. He loved us even before we loved Him. How often that simple phrase is looked over, and how impossibly hard would it be for us as humans to love someone that hated you, stabbed you in the back repeatedly, denied even knowing you at the risk of being laughed at, and made promises over and over but never kept them. I would not even be acquaintances with that person. Yet Jesus wants us and loves us.

It boils down to this, if you love something you are gonna show it, like the people did for Michael Jackson. So how are you treating Christ these days?

And just because…. This is for you


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