My Date with Muse and I guess U2 too.

I have been eyeing this concert for quite some time. I am a huge Muse fan, and I guess it would be cool to say I went to a U2 show when I am 50 or something. But bottom line was I wanted to go. After back and forth and back and forth, I decided to live without it, because it was 2 and a half hours away and I didn’t want to cancel worship practice for that selfish reason! So monday came and I had an email from one of the guys in the worship team telling me he could not make practice, three hours later 3 more said they couldn’t. I was disappointed because I love practice, but then I remembered that this concert was this night. So things worked out amazingly well. And here is my time line of events leading up to the MUSE/u2 concert.

5ish meet up with my ticket bearer Mark Brewer at harris teeter grocery.

5:30ish Tag along with them go a cookout where even they don’t know everyone. Oh well, I eat a hotdog and burger and get a little ancy that we will miss Muse.

6:35 really starting to get nervous that we will miss em. Check iPhone to see how long the walk is from the house to the stadium… 2 miles. Eee.

6:48 we leave, walking and sweating. Quickly realizing how much I hate food and how much I need to use my gym membership.

7:10 still walking, glance down at phone to see what time it is. But I can see the stadium and I don’t hear anything, that is a good sign.

7:23 get in, immediatly walk past first security and get to the 100 dollar seats, Muse immediatly begin to play, like they were just waiting for me, Mark and Rachel follow me to our stolen seats. Stay there for just 1 song.

I leave early because I want to sleep in my own bed, and be functional at work in the morning. Yes, I left U2 early, probably 40 minutes early and would do it again, Because Hysteria and Knights of Cydonia were the high point in my night. I heart you Muse.

Thank you LaRae for making it possible for me to go! I love you


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