Five to the face.

Sorry this blog is going to be a slap in the face, so stop here if you don’t want to be slapped…

So our church, Northstar Church in Blacksburg, Virginia, has a new pastor. Jeff Noble came from Arkansas and has been stepping up in a big way since he has gotten here. But all the gushing and brown nosing aside… when he got here, we promptly made our motto at Northstar Church “don’t go to church, BE the church.” I love it. I think its great. And I hear that a lot. People come and tell me “I love that new slogan!” all the time. And I love that it will catch non-church goers off guard.

But, yes this is a big butt…after mulling it over I hate this slogan. (please continue to read, I promise I’m not bagging on Jeff) I hate it because its convicting in my life. Yes, I am employed by a church, so it should be easier for me to BE the church, and yet I still focus almost all of my energy on Sunday and not talking to my neighbors, the gas station guy or the female/male that works at the post office. I hear the slogan, see the slogan and say the slogan and do nothing about it.

I mean I can honestly say, that I am trying a little at least! I don’t want to ever think that being at church Sunday morning is a check mark and I have fulfilled my “quota” for my Christianity.

And for everyone that keeps saying “ooo I love this phrase,” do you? Do you like it because it is kind of a shock to see a church saying don’t go to church? Or do you like it because it challenges you to be Christ like?

Thank you Jeff Noble for kicking my spiritual life in the gut and getting out of the same old same old.


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