Christmas Stuff/Crazy Love

Well, I can brag about this without sounding like I am patting myself on the back because it wasn’t my idea, it was my wife’s idea, and secretly I wish I would have thought about it. So, I will eventually tell you the idea but I need to set up how it came about…

So in our college group on Tuesday nights, we have been going through the book “Crazy Love,” by Francis Chan. This is my third time reading it, but the first time going through it all the way with a group, and because of that I have gotten so much more out of the book. Francis really doesn’t divulge new information, he just urges you and convinces you that if you claim to be a Christian, live like one. Simple. Towards the end of the book it really stresses the point of loving others, and if you say you are loving others what are you actually doing to love others (say that three times fast). So we went around and talked about what we could do to love others…give away some of our unnecessary items, that could be necessary for someone else, buy someone something etc…

Well, after all the college students left and it was just LaRae and I, she said she had an idea. So she said lets not give each other presents but give that money we were going to use on each other to someone. I was all aboard with this plan, again, just wish I would have thought of it. My wife is awesome.

Now, to be completely honest I really am not writing this to brag about my wife or even us as a couple, I just wanted to share something that might encourage you to do something a bit different this year. And it doesn’t have to be giving your money away, it could mean making cookies for the neighbors, or inviting someone over for a meal that they couldn’t afford. But anyways, here is the awesome part, we keep trying to come up with the best way to use the money, and it really is just as exciting as shopping for a present my wife. Im not kidding, the thought that we can just give something to someone, they no clue its coming, so they can enjoy Jesus’ birthday more. Ya, that’s gonna be awesome. So, I leave you with this, the best way to be blessed is to bless someone else.


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