worship leader with no voice.

Man this past week has been not just hectic but frustrating. I got sick on Saturday night/Sunday morning and by the end of worship on Sunday morning I had no voice and sounded like a 12 year old boy that was crossing over the threshold into manhood. I can not even begin to give a number of how many pots of tea I boiled, how many Echinacea tea bags are in my trash can, or how many times that Nyquil made me gag.

Anyways, I obviously like to sing. Its my main form of worship. I do play piano and guitar, but I rely on my voice more then either of those. But this week I just felt lost. I felt I had no way of expressing worship to God. It was pretty strange. I would pick up my guitar and just sit here. So I began to just play instead of sing, and it was cool. It was cool to just play some songs with Phil Wickham and Crowder and have them sing. It was just a different way to worship.

So after that I thought I would try something else and just write instead of sing. And it poured. Not really original stuff, but names of God were just all over the place. It was very cool. And I can’t wait to get my voice back and to sing what I wrote down.

I am writing this, because if you are in a place where you have 1 way that constantly are showing your worship, that is great! But you will find that if you step out of your comfort zone and try something new to express worship to God, you will have a larger spread of worship. I hope that makes sense. Examples… even if you are not a creative person, sit down, and write something to God, a love letter! Or get some crayons out and draw something for Christ. It sounds kindergarden, but if you are only used to worshiping on Sunday, and praying before meals, it could dramatically change the way you are living your spiritual life!

Just try it.


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