Grammys 2010 Recap

Well here it is, a recap of the 2010 Grammys. I immediately have to ask forgiveness because this blog is full of cynicism and sarcastic comments. But thats how I had to approach it. Anyways, enjoy and leave a comment if you so wish!

The show begins and…

Lady Gaga & Elton John. It would be very hard to try and make this a stranger performance. They sang “Your Song” and sadly, very disappointing, one of the only Elton songs I like, and it was terrible. This is her outfit she wore on the red carpet, children do not look or you will have nightmares of her crawling on your ceiling or out from under your bed.

Stephen Colbert, starts the show off – always good “Stay away from katy Perry,” he says talking to his daughter from the stage. He then talked about different groups that have performed together at the grammys in the past couple of years and then says… “You know who I’d love to see on stage together? Adam lambert and any sort of personal restraint” Wow, LaRae almost spit out her water, such a great quote.

Song of the year- Single Ladies. Expected.

Green Day plays with their broadway peeps, stange, but made me want to see it on broadway. There’s like 87 people on stage. A mixture of Punk and the tv show Glee.

Taylor swift wins country album of year. Well deserved and accepted with humility. Awesome, such a night and day comparison between her and Gaga.

Beyonce performs. Again like 80 people on stage. “Her being married to jay-z makes her so much cooler” a quote from my very smart wife. ¬†Standing O? Hmm she’s talented but that wasn’t amazing, oh well I may have stood if I was there, but since I am in my living room I will just continue to eat my penne pasta, and nod my head.

Seal introduces Pink. If you’re wondering, yes, he walked out to his one big hit, “kiss from a rose” from that one Batman movie…

Pink is talented, but right now it looks like she has a bedazzled bathrobe on though. Never mind now she’s practically naked, except for the naughty bits. She’s doing cirque de solei stuff and singing, being raised up like 20 feet in the air on some sort of ribbon, glorified ribbon dancing maybe. Standing O, well deserved.

Best new artist, Zach Brown! Thank goodness, was hoping for him or MGMT, but I’m glad the man with the beard pulled one down.

Miley Cyrus introduces the Black Eyed Peas, not sure why. Black eyed peas, they are always a little strange, but they know how to make music that is very catchy and gets the general mass to buy. It hasn’t been the same for me since this picture of fergie was released where it looks like she peed her pants…

LaRae quote – “what do the other 2 guys do?” referring to the other members of the BlackEyed Peas (besides fergie and, I replied with “I do not know.”

Jonas Brothers introduce Lady Antebellum. Again, no one really knows why. Lady Antebellum, good stuff, a little boring. No standing O.

Best comedy album- Steven Colbert!

Other nominees Spinal Tap, Weird Al & George Lopez. George you are not funny, how do you keep getting chances? Affirmative action of comedy I am guessing.

Record of the year – USE SOMEBODY – Kings of Leon! So pumped for them, wasn’t expecting that at all. Awesome. <a href="“>

Robert Downey Jr. I really just love him. Such a dry humor that is great. Introduces Jamie Fox and T.Pain, ironically both have careers in music due solely to the invention of auto tune. Now Doug E Fresh comes out beat boxing which made the performance sooo much better, now Slash? Really? That seemed out of left field.

Rock Album -Green Day, other nominees AC/DC, Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews Band, U2. No new rock acts out there? The newest of these is 20 years old. Hmm…everyone seems to be making poprock right now.

Chris O’donnell introduces Zach Brown. Could they get a more irrelevant person to introduce them? Probably not. I think the last movie he was in was that Batman movie with Seals song… (my wife is mad because I said that, she thinks he is good looking. boo) Zach Brown Band is just flat out good, great harmonies and do it their own way with no apologies. Love it.

Ryan Seacrest gives a great/flattering intro to Taylor Swift. Shes adorable as per usual. Incredible that she writes her own songs, you have to respect that. Stevie Nicks comes out and takes us back to the late 70’s and early 80s. Glad she is gone now, pardon me she just moved to the back of the stage to play the tambourine, now back to singing bad harmonies. ehh making “You Belong to Me” sound a little depressing. But its still a great performance by Ms. Swift.

Lionel Richie – introduces the tribute to Michael Jackson. Yeah its in 3d. I’m sorry, am I supossed to have 3d glasses laying around on my coffee table. I guess I am, my bad. “What about Us” starts up, watching this without 3 d glasses feels like what I’m guessing an acid trip feels like . Celine Dion, Usher, Carrie Underwood, & Jennifer Hudson they actually sound great together. Smokey Robinson, still gots them pipes as well. Took this picture of Beyonce rocking 3d glasses and Jay just not caring. Standing O for Michael Jackson. Jacksons kids come out and give an awkward speech, but accept a grammy on his behalf.

Bon Jovi takes the stage, playing a Takamine acoustic guitar. You are Bon Jovi, can’t get a sponsorship with a better guitar company? Ah lady from Sugarland, sounds like a dying cat. “Living on a Prayer” just started and the state of New Jersey immediately started fist pumping, and maybe one living room in Blacksburg…

Best Rap/Sung – “Run this Town Tonight” Jay-Z and Rihanna. I was really was hoping for “On a Boat” Yes it was up for a grammy.

Mary J. Blige catch(e) {}” href=””&gt;

Female pop vocal – “Halo” – Beyonce. Other nominees- Adelle, Katy Perry, Pink, Taylor Swift

Larae goes to bed, 10:45. Now I am all alone blogging away

LL. Cool J comes out licking his lips every time he gets, but you can not hate on LL. He is dope, and he will knock your mom out. Introduces Maxwell. He’s a talented dude, just boring but I am guessing he has a lot of girlfriends. I bet that when he is trying to set the ‘mood’ he just turns his own cd on, and just slowly nods.

Les Paul tribute. Jeff Beck, just starts shredding, on a Les Paul. Don’t know if I could think of a better tribute. The drummer is wearing a vest with no shirt under, this does not contribute to the tribute, but it is the definition of classy.

Quentin Tarantino introduces (very awkwardly) Travis Barker, Eminem, Drake, Lil Wayne. The sensor immediately gets really nervous, and there it is, my tv keeps going silent because of the cuss words in the song. If Jay was in this song then they would really have to just burn the stage because of the amount of good rappers. I know this isn’t everyones cup of tea, but this group is just very talented and on top of that, they have one of the best drummers in the world backing them, I could watch Travis Barker play the drums all day long, makes me want to buy some.

Album of the Year……Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Dave Matthews Band, Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift! Awesome, glad she won, and No Kanye in sight! That ends the night, thanks for reading and again, sorry for the cynicism…


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