Well. March 5th 1984 I was spanked and welcomed to the world. Since that time, I have been incredibly blessed. I know that counting those blessings and talking about what I am so thankful for would require an awful lot of html code. But here is what comes to my mind right now…
Blessed with…
with a family that loves Christ, not just my brother and parents but my grandparents almost all of my family.
A wife that loves me, despite how much I totally fail at this marriage thing.
An incredible group of best friends. Friends that I know I could literally die laughing with, but also would encourage and lift me up when needed. You guys know who you are.
A church that has people that are wanting to know you, and love people. It’s awesome to work in a place where people will forego the “typical” church feel to reach lost people.
A pastor that has vision and follow-thru, and I can call him a good friend, Usually you only get one part of that.
new friends.
a wife that works a job she hates to pay my bills!
our first house!
college ministry with students that want to know you, and want Your future for their life.
a Macbook pro & iphone
coffee – everything lacks color without it ; )
Liberty University, can’t imagine what life would be like without this place.
Student Activities- probably the most fun job I will ever have.
incredible inlaws – Something I overlook constantly cause I never had bad ones!
a brother I can look up to, and a sister in law that I can make fun of and know she can handle it, plus a nephew and niece that are ridiculously cool/cute, and one on the other side that is growing up and its so cool to see.
history class my 2nd year at liberty
cross-culture – thankful they needed a “media guy”
music, just being able to play and sing. It’s so ingrained in me that I never thank God for the talents he has given to me which have all added up to me being in the ministry and serving Him with those talents.
worship music – wickham, shane&shane, hillsong, crowder, tomlin, houston, brewster, glorious unseen, kim walker, brooke fraiser, chris quilala, stanfill
inspiring music – coldplay, wickham, explosions in the sky (make my time go quicker and make me want to write more)
videos that are well made or done with just excellence, and really not for some huge reason like these…

we were in love from John Carl on Vimeo.

pictures that make you just stop for a second…like these…



creativity. i know i said the same thing about coffee, but for real this life would be a lot more boring with out creativity.
I know I could keep going but this post is already getting kinda long. But my final thing is obviously Christ. Even with coffee, creativity and all the rest of the things I mentioned, life would be kinda pointless if my future wasn’t with Christ.


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