Not me.

Messing up is a hard pill to swallow when you are leasing worship. This past Sunday, yes Easter, I messed up 2 different times during the worship. Both having to do with capo placement. I was frustrated to say the least. I just kept thinking I messed up how the Holy Spirit was moving. And that I could have messed everything up. 
I sat there beating myself, against my wifes orders. But then halfway thru the preaching I was slapped by that very same Holy Spirit, basically wispered in my ear “really, you think I need YOUR help? Must be thinking a little lofty of yourself Cody…”. I can honestly say I laughed, how prideful of me to limit Gods power to how well I sing or play. God is going to do what He is going to do. That doesn’t mean I am just going to put my capo anywhere and shrug it off or say I don’t need practice, I will still strive to do my best on stage and off. And I know that I  will probably be highlighting the capos on my music from here on out! 


2 thoughts on “Not me.

  1. Next time I find out you're holding yourself responsible for something like, I'm going to hold you responsible for holding yourself responsible… Wait. Nevermind.It was all good! Thank the Lord that He uses our hearts more than our hands.

  2. so grateful you have a boss who loves God more than a perfect service 🙂 …You know what i mean! And it still sounded incredible, even though you thought it stunk!

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