I have always loved camp. I went to the mega camp known as Lift for the last 2 years of highschool, which I loved. But before then our church had a camp for jr/sr high. It was out in the middle of nowhere, but there is something about being in an unairconditioned chapel and sweating, where God can just grab you and rip your heart back to him. I don’t know what it is, the nature, the speakers who bring it or just those quiet/intimate moments that really only occur in situations like these.
I am playing guitar at a camp this week, no mic, which is awesome! Within the first 20 minutes my head was swarmmed with my years of camp. The smell of adolescent sweat, although making me cringe, made me think of the dorm style rooms we stayed in, that contstantly smelled of a mens YMCA locker room, even when it was ‘clean.’ The overwellming smell of perfume just before dinner because the girls didn’t have enough time to shower.
Besides all the fond memories of late camp nights, all the camp crushes and of course singing ‘pledge allegiance to the lamb’ with my brother. I also remember God getting a hold of me during my counselor days at camp chof in ohio. The speaker pulled me aside, and no, I have no idea who he is now. But anyways, he grabbed me and just asked me what I was going to do with my life. I remember not having an answer and he then said, ‘well that’s fine what are you doing now?’ And I wish I could explain what I felt at that very moment. I could have cried, I knew that I was coasting spiritually. I knew God had a plan for me but I was too lazy to do anything. And I knew he just wanted me to transfer. I knew God wanted me at Liberty.
So camp was a big deal for me. Without it, I would never have met, my wife, LaRae. Never realized I was made to worship/lead worship because I wouldn’t have traveled and played with CrossCulture. I wouldn’t have some of the lifelong friends I met thru Liberty, (Kameno, Stuart, Cedric, Sanders, Glauco, Ryan Law…and the list goes on). All of this is because I was able to get out in the open and hear Gods voice. Thank you camp.
Here are some videos of the week so far, there will probably be more to come…


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