Camp (pt2)

It’s amazing that the busiest week I have had since college, when I worked for Student Activities and we had events everyday during freshman week, has been the most refreshing week I have had in quite some time. I have had the opportunity to go to 3 different conferences in the past 9 months and will be attending a worship one in September at Liberty, and yet I have been encouraged and refilled more than all those combined. It has reestablished my calling every night, I am a worship leader. I love leading people into worship. I wasn’t even in charge this week, all I did was play lead parts (not well) and sang without a mic. I have to look at my guitar a lot when I play lead, so when I did get to look out at the kids, I saw earnest/yearning students wanting to just praise. Man, I wish everyone could have passion and innocence like a 14 year old.
The thing is, kids/teens know what grace is and use it. Adults also can tell you what grace is, but can’t get past their own sin. So they constantly beat themselves up and can not worship God, when in reality God has thrown their sin to the east and west. God just wants/deserves/craves your worship. We are sinful people, there really is nothing good about us, but the enemy has started to confuse us, and plant the idea that we are good and that we really can’t worship until we get everything lined up in our lives. WE CAN’T. Acting like we can actually offends God, we can not do anything good a apart from Jesus ( John 15:5). When we act like we can it takes away from how incredible Gods grace is. It’s like a murderer taking out the trash, and wanting to be praised for doing so. “good job, you carried a bag outside…but you killed a guy last week.” Everything that we do is junk to God, BUT (see this is a huge but) with Jesus it becomes brilliant, fresh, and beautiful!
Worship God! Get past your failures, it will probably happen again, and amazingly God will forgive you again, and then again. Forgive yourself and get back to serving and worshiping the God that created you for that sole purpose.

Here are some more videos from this past week…
Prayer/Communion Service.

Nothing like a homemade waterslide.


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