Casual Christian Nation.

Okay, so before you read this, know that I am not a socialist/communist/idiot, I own a house and have a car, like the average American. Please read the entire entry and know I am not trying to be preachy, I just think this is something we should all give a second to think about…
The other night I was watching ‘Last Comic Standing’ and one of the comedians said something along the lines of ‘you know you are a cool country when you have water parks, there are countries that don’t even have water, and here we are playing in it.’ It’s funny, I love how comedians look at things different. But anyways, I thought it was funny, but then it settled in my thoughts and I got a little sad or maybe just disappointed(?) not sure what word to use here.
My thought is this, and again, I love my country but…I wonder if Jesus cringes when he hears us say we are a ‘Christian nation.’ I know our heritage is based in Christian morality, but if we were truly a christian nation wouldn’t things be a little different? At any given moment there are 100,000 orphans in America, if we were a Christian nation, would that be true? (James 1:27). When was last time you spoke to your neighbor let alone ‘loved him as yourself’? Sadly I think the ‘American Dream’ has blinded us as Christians. We all think we have the right to have a bunch of stuff. I know it is a hard pill to swallow, because we have been taught since we can remember that we have the right for the ‘pursuit of happiness,’ and sadly that doesn’t line up with anything Jesus taught. In fact, He taught the direct opposite. He wanted us to give up everything to follow him. (Luke 18:18-25).
If you live in America and you are reading this article, you are rich compared to the rest of the world, that is factual. This is where I panned out, when compared to the rest of the world…
Top 2.88% in the world? Am I being responsible with my cash flow, probably not as much as I should be. Especially after this website pointed out how I could be spending money…

I know that there will be some people that read this and will begin to rationalize their conviction away, but all I am doing is pointing out what Jesus said about wealth and orphans.
I love that my country allows me to search after God how I want, when I want and as loud as I want. I also have nothing but respect for those who have risked/gave their lives to protect our freedom. But to call ourselves a Christian Nation is a bit far fetched. I am thinking ‘Casual Christian Nation’ would be more appropriate.

Check this out to see how rich you are… Global Rich List


One thought on “Casual Christian Nation.

  1. Great post Cody. I've thought about this often, having several very rich friends. Would I do more for other people with my money if I had as much as them? I would like to think I would, but who knows? As far as the Christian nation thing goes your view might change after spending some time in New Zealand. Or any other 'non-Christian' countries. New Zealand is a giant spiritual void. Kiwi's even realize it, and they try to fill the void with sex. NZ is the most permiscuous country in the world. You'd be surprised how many kiwi's ask me why America feeds poor children in Africa. They think we should let them die out, otherwise they'll just keep reproducing and continue to not be able to support themselves. I don't understand how people can think like that. America is far from perfect, and there's always ways to be better and encourage others to do so as well, but I have a new appreciation for America now, and I can't wait to get back.

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