Chipotle Vs Moes

So since our little town of Blacksburg is finally getting a Chipotle, I wanted to dissect why this burrito chain is so much better than Moes Southwestern Grill, which if you are not from the area, is directly across the street from the new Chipolte.

First. I am an aesthetically driven person. What I mean is that I put value in the looks of something that is pleasing to the eye, probably over value to be honest. But when something is well designed it is an immediate trap hook for me. In my mind, until proven wrong, when someone places the energy to make something appealing, it’s most likely quality. So as we compare these two restaurants, immediately there is a huge gap, that Moe won’t close. You can start with the tables, they are steel top in Chipotle, they look like my highschools at Moes. Then just small details that round out the restaurant, the chips served in little brown bags, the black and white pictures and even the font used on the menu. Chipotle has it’s own original style, where as Moe just stole all the cliches that come to mind when you think of ‘texmex.’

Second. The menu. I already mentioned the way the menu looks but Chipotle has a very limited menu. At first when you hear that it could come across negative, but it is far from it. They have a limited menu because they are pros at a couple of things. Burritos and Tacos. If you make something so well you shouldn’t have to add things to your menu to attract people, your food should be the advertising. Moe and Chipotle have two different business models. One is trying to sell food to you, one is trying to make great food you want. Doesn’t sound that different, but they are completely different.

Third. Moe’s food goes thru me faster then water from a firetruck.

Chipotle wins.


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