American Idol.

Well after being asked numerous times about trying out for this show, and after my cousin founded a facebook group petitioning for me to do just that, I did. Tyler Tokie and Chad Brown – this was for you.
No, I did not even make the first cut, no I am not heart broken (my wife, maybe a little). But I knew this was a game show going in and thats how I treated it. It was fun, but sadly not as many crazy people as I had hoped for. I took some videos which you can see below, but they are all a little shaky because you are threatened to the nines not to take any film.

This is the morning of the registration line. It was crowded. Oh and pay attention to the black guy with the cubano hat on when I pan around, his name was Jimmy and by far the best person I heard sing, and he got through to the next ‘stage’… could I be the first to have posted the new ‘idol’?

This is on Broadway street in the middle of downtown Nashville. Pretty cool, packed with people and 6 in the morning. It was interesting because it all depended on when you registered, so since we registered early we didnt have to stand around and waste all day Friday or Saturday. So to those still auditioning or planning to, register asap and then show up at 7 on the day of. Promise its worth it.

One of the crew guys was having us yell stuff like ‘welcome to music city’ and then cheer and stuff, here is a video of that going down…

Finally inside the stadium again more yelling stuff…

more of the same…

they turned out the lights and did this, thought it was pretty cool…

Okay so here is a quick clip of the audition process, they set up 12 tables in the middle of the stadium, call you down in groups of 4 and have you sing to 2 producers. awkward. sometimes they have you sing for 20 seconds sometimes you sing like half a song. everyone in my group sang for like 30 seconds, i sang 3 different songs (signed sealed delivered, yearn, i’ll be) so i thought I had a good chance, but notta. oh well…

So I didnt make it, but it was very interesting, and I have to say I would have loved to be the ‘judges’ behind the table who got to pick and choose and listen to everyone. Although I bet it would have been hard to keep a straight face at times.


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