Well it has been a little while since I have posted, not trying to neglect, just been busy with things here at church. It has been somewhat of a whirlwind since Aug 26th. We went to 2 service hoping/knowing we would run out of room and we wanted to make it more comfortable for our guests. Well, that was a bust, no not in the way you are thinking. We continued to be packed in the 11am service and now the 1st service is pretty much full. Yes, we are incredibly excited and pumped to be celebrating Christ with this group, but now we are left with a conundrum…what do we do next? God is bringing us people left and right, and we know that it is only going to be through Him that we can minister to them all and we don’t just want to stay in this spot, but we are not sure how to grow farther. lol 3 services? New worship place? Just crazy to think about what God is doing.
We are not in the numbers game. And we all know that next week we could have 50. Thats what makes our staff and pastor so great, we don’t care. We want to do our best to minister to the people that come. If more come awesome, if less come awesome. From a worship leaders perspective, it is so awesome to see so many worshiping on Sunday mornings!

It is easy to exclaim how God is so faithful when you are in the midst of growth and excitement in a church, but regardless of that God is faithful. If we closed Northstar tomorrow, He remains faithful. If a loved one died today, He remains faithful.

God, thank you for this time of blessing, and thank you for seeing and planning my steps before I knew them.


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