The B Word.

Wow, I havent written in a while. To much stuff just going on by! Right now I am sitting in the breakfast nook at the In-laws house in Fort Myers Florida. The woman folk are getting ready and we are going to go and do some Christmas errands.
This Blog entry has no huge purpose, just wanted to say I am blessed.
Sometimes, you can preface bragging by saying the words ‘I’m blessed.’ I hear it all the time, ‘Oh man I am so blessed, I bought a ferrari’ okay I don’t necessarily hear that statement to often. But you know what I mean.
But I am saying I am blessed, cause God has looked out for me so much. I am blessed with a woman that loves me way more then I deserve. I am blessed with her family and they treat me like there own. I am blessed beyond measure with my own family. I am blessed with not only a job that I love, but people I love working with (Tucker not Jeff). I am thankful for a church that cares about the staff and goes above and beyond. And yes I like the material things I have received, but without those, I am still blessed.
I know there are many who are struggling during this time of year, financial problems, family problems, and I am not trying to rub it in their faces, cause I know those days and I know they will come again.
But to sum this year up in one word it is by far the word blessed.


2 thoughts on “The B Word.

  1. even though life might not seem fair… we might be pissed at God and the world… things don´t work out our way… we have a roof to sleep under, a cozy bed to rest, and cheap food in the fridge. we can leave out of our front door without having to look over our shoulders, you can believe in whoever or whatever you want without having a gun on your head or your family set on fire.we are blessed because we simply opened our eyes when we woke up this morning and the other 358 days this year.miss you brother

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