So much to say, but I’ll keep it short.

Over the past few months it has been incredibly difficult to try to sit down and just write, even though there has been so much to write about.

First and foremost, I am having a child. Well, what I mean by ‘I’ is I drive my beautiful wife to appointments and get her whatever she wants/needs. But we are so excited, and to me it is still so surreal. But December 11th will be here sooner then I think and little Harper will make her grand appearance. If you want to see more/better updates my wife’s blog is much better… ( the picture of us isn’t great, well she looks good, but I look like I am kinda mad at the camera…

Anyways, like I said before there has been so much to write about. The next thing on the list is my first worship album. I traveled down to Charlotte to record at Hunter Productions and I am very very very excited about it. I got to take advantage of some of my very talented friends and put them on the album as well, so thank you to Jacob Moyer and Scott Spruill for throwing down some tracks for me, I can’t wait to hear the finished project. I do believe it will be for sale at the very beginning of October! I will keep ya updated and you can watch a quick vid of some of the recording process below…


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