Music and Spotify.

So I requested Spotify like back in June and then got an email from them in July, but never opened it. Last week someone started talking about it again and how it was great etc. etc. So I remembered that I might have an email and quickly searched and began using. Holy crap. Awesome. Yes, both of those last two sentences where complete.

If you are a new music junkie and constantly looking for new stuff Spotify will help you immensely. Now if you are a music snob and like someone until they ‘sell out’ you will have to resort to your old ways of finding unsigned indie harmonica/accordion/spoons rock, because everyone on Spotify is signed (well at least as far as I can tell). Just like in the Myspace heydays, you can click on artists then see other artist, then others (and so on), and listen to almost all of their music. FOR FREE. I am assuming the artists/record labels get paid for plays or something. But this is just great for catching up with artists who you haven’t seen for a while, or new up and coming people.

So check it out, if you have a mac you can also control it with your itunes controls on the top of your keypad, if you have a pc then you are lame. (haha just kidding Viktor, sort of).

Music that I am listening to currently…

Young the Giant – The dude has a great voice. I really feel that if the Beach Boys came out now, this is the type of music they would put out, probably helps that they are from southern cal. The other reason I love this band, is because they sound just as good if not better live then on their real recording. Just look…

Jay-Z & Kanye -(edited of course) It’s a good record, but not sure if there are any huge hits off this album, but it is solid.

Foster the People – Yes, you have probably hear ‘Pumped up Kicks’ but their best stuff lies deep inside their album ‘Torches.’ Check out ‘Houdini,’ ‘Don’t Stop, & ‘Helena Beat’ for a good sense of what this band is about.

Mat Kearney – His new album (Young Love) is sick. Buy it, listen then spread it.

Tons more but I can write again


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