The Mean Blog – aka getting it off my chest

Okay, I know I am not the only one that has pet peeves, so I am going to shares some of the ones recently that are irritating me. This has nothing to do with individual people, although I am sure if you do any of these or some combination of them you should probably take it very personally šŸ™‚

Number 1. Facebook Game Invites.
Come on. Seriously. I have nothing against someone spending there time accruing fake money and buying virtual gems to bedazzle their online ponies, but stop inviting me please. I have facebook to stalk people, not make online mixed drinks for strangers. Here is a list of some of games I currently have been invited to… Pioneer Trail (great game when I was in 4th grade on a Macintosh Classic but not anymore), Farmville, Gardens of Time, Barn Buddy, Cafe World, Cityville (Cityville? really? I guess Citytown or Villagity was taken.)

Number 2. The Word Swag.
You know you hate it too. What is funny to me is that the real definition is ‘an ornamental festoon of flowers, fruit and greenery.’ Basically the flower thing they put on a horse after winning a race. But we have taken this word and thrown it on anyone that is cocky and made it a good thing. ‘He has more swagger then all the swag in swaggerton.’ (<- that is not a real quote, but I bet a college football announcer will say something very close to this during this season, probably about a run first quarterback or a defensive back that doesn't get flagged for passer interference.)

Number 3. Mark May
I guess I lied. This one may be about someone specific. šŸ™‚


One thought on “The Mean Blog – aka getting it off my chest

  1. #1: Throwing Up. Yes, no one likes to throw up, but throwing up for whatever reason… sickness or drunkeness… it ruins my day. People get sick and say "i'm just gonna throw up and feel better". That is not an option for me, I WILL NOT throw up unless I have no control. #2: Stinkbugs. I get to the point I like torturing them… If there's one in my room, before killing it, I tape it to wherever it is (ground, wall, ceiling) and leave it stuck for 24 hours before killing it. It is not weird to walk in my room and see a couple of tapes on the ground.#3: When people say "You know what imma sayin". It's fine a few times, but some people (including my annoying boss) says that at the end of every single phrase he says… I'm at the point I wanna scream back "NO, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYINNNNNN, PLEASE EXPLAIN BETTER!"

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