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Okay. So I am not huge on politics, I love a good debate when it comes to anything, but when it comes to this I have a hard time because people are just ignorant to what they are trying to defend. So in essence it comes down to you arguing with a 3 year old who just says ‘not ah!’
But here is a little bit of how I feel about the current race. And really the reason I am writing this is because I am really starting to get concerned for true Christ followers.
Okay I may have misled you a little, this really isn’t about the entire race its more just about Mit Romney. Even more to the point…is it a good idea for a Christian to vote for a Mormon?
I am not writer who drags on and then at the end give you a vague statement about the entire piece they wrote. To put it simply, I cannot understand how/why someone who believes Jesus is God, was fully man and fully God, who died and defeated death to give us a shot by grace and will be our returning King would ever vote for a man that believes in a religion that so vehemently twists Jesus that its like putting the New Testament into a strainer and keeping everything but the gospel, not to mention adding crazy into the recipe.
Pardon me if I am wrong but a politician is nothing without his/her beliefs, what he/she stands for and what he holds as truth. So when we as Christians say ‘no I’m not worried about his religious beliefs cause he has a good fiscal policy,’ it makes me want to scream! Do not get me wrong Mormons can be great people. Almost every single one I have met and hung out with are great people, but that doesn’t mean that I want someone that believes the Garden of Eden was in Jackson County Missouri, that God changed his mind about black people in 1978 (10 years after Martin Luther King Jr. died, good timing I would say), that some Israelites sailed across the ocean to North America 600 years before Christ…running our country. (the list could go on, I just chose some of the almost laughable things.)
Now I must stress that if you are not a follower of Christ, and you are a conservative, then it is not a big deal for you to vote for this man. He is a conservative, he does have morals and if that’s what you are looking for, but as a believer I think there is/should be a different set of standards we apply.
I don’t care if he is so conservative he makes Reagan think ill of himself, if the man believes Jesus and Satan were brothers and can become like Christ and have our own planet I don’t want him making decisions on a national level for me and my family. You may say ‘Cody, that is awfully closed minded of you’ to which I would say, ‘You are an idiot.’ Then I would pause and say ”How? Because I don’t want Mormonism to have any other footholds to mislead lost people in America to believe in some twisted version of Christ? Do you not think that having a Mormon President would make it so much easier to want to join in this cult?’
Before you get angry and let me irritate you so, stop and think who is having a more temporal outlook on life. The believer who will vote for Romney because he is a good conservative or the believer who won’t because of the devastating impact it could have on Christian life in the near future by further disintegrating the line between Christ-followers and Mormons. There IS a line and there should be. You cannot strip Christ of his deity and still be cool with God. No matter how many doors you knock on.


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