Social Injustice and Jesus.

Kony 2012. Big news right now. If you haven’t heard here is what I am referring to check the video on the bottom of this post.

I love that people, especially young people, are starting to care more about social injustice. It is a big deal, really big deal. The thing that is troubling to me and to be honest makes me anxious is the blurring of the line and making social injustices ‘church’ issues.

Now do not get me wrong we, as believers, are called to love people including our enemies. And really a lot of time that is a jump off point for sharing the gospel. Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, providing medical care ect… What I get concerned with is that is where it ends most of the time. We feed, we clothe, we help heal, but we lose focus because we look at the temporal. We are called to so much more.

As believers we aren’t called to only feed the body, but to feed the spirit. This life will end. But that is just the beginning. We need to be ever conscience about the spiritual life of people everywhere. Jesus did not come to put an end to child slavery but to save our eternal souls. And that, and only that should be our mission. I ask you believers to please not replace the reason we exist with a good cause. I suggest using these causes and injustices to further the name of Christ, not just to make a difference. Yes, I would love to leave this world as a better place, but I would rather leave this world in shambles and see the difference I made while spending an eternity with Christ.



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