Kid Worship.

So this summer has been extremely busy. Not really in a bad way at all just a lot of here and there traveling, I am currently sitting in a coffee shop in downtown Cleveland so that I can upload a file to Captain Jeff. Anyways, I had the opportunity to lead worship for two different camps this summer. Which really is something I have always wanted to do, travel and lead worship. The two camps were both for Jr. Highers and were completely different but incredibly the same. They were different in the way that one was ‘camp’ the kids stayed in little cabins (not air conditioned) the chapel was open air, they had morning activities, raising the flag act, if you have been to a summer camp this is probably what you remember. The second was on a college campus, great food, great facilities, felt more like a youth conference then a camp, cause of the lack of wilderness. I am not making a case for either just wanted to show how they were different. These two camps being completely different were still the same in one regard. The worship. They were excited, they were loud, they were passionate and they truly worshiped. I know some of us are on the cynical side and we try to cop out and say ‘of course they are loud they are 12, 13 and 14 year olds,’ and ‘kids that age don’t even know what worship is.’ Well I would completely disagree. Yes, I will give you kids always know how to get loud, but don’t tell me that kids don’t know what worship is. We are all ingrained from birth to worship, most of us just choose the wrong thing to do so. Look at David, David was 15-17 years old when he stepped up to kill a giant that everyone feared. He had already took on bears and lions. But thats not what I want to talk about. Psalm 23, yes the passage that is quoted on many a ‘Precious Moments’ wall hanger was more then likely penned by a 13 year old David, while strolling the hills and watching over sheep. There is something special about kids this age worshiping, and it’s not due to the loudness. I think that one of the reasons is because of a lack of priorities. I mean that in a good way. Kids this age do not have to worry about a mortgage, a baby, bills, ect… Because of this they don’t get their priorities out of whack, they know whats first and they put Christ there. We, I, us need to think like kids, to train ourselves to forget about the junk that we have to take care of and fully concentrate on worshiping God, and constantly step into his presence. I think that if we are diligent in our worship, our problems will be seen as how they truly are, very temporal, and very small for a God that raised Himself and waked out of a tomb. Worship Him, It is what we are meant to do, what we were made to do.


One thought on “Kid Worship.

  1. Just for the sake of discussion and refinement, I thought I'd leave a comment. Maybe you'll find my blog one day and do the same. 😉They were excited, they were loud, they were passionate and they truly worshiped.I think I may sound like a curmudgeon, but it sure sounds like you're defining worship as emotional singing, especially. It's applied in the context of a youth camp. When we see genuine worship in scripture, we see brokenness, prayer and humility. We also see the resultant action and life adjustment that being in the presence of the Lord caused. Perhaps the youth really did worship, but I think it's too soon to say. Did they return home with resolve and commitment to live a life more glorifying to God? Did they make adjustments in lifestyles and choices? If they just sang loud and with passion, was it really worship?I think we should be very careful of relegating worship to a room and volume. I know that's not what you mean, because you wrap up with:I think that if we are diligent in our worship, our problems will be seen as how they truly are, very temporal, and very small for a God that raised Himself and walked out of a tomb.However, the overall tone of your entry sounds like you had powerful moments of worship at camp, but whether they will translate in days of obedience, only time will tell. And then we'll know if worship really happened.

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