Post Election.

This was started as a tweet lol obviously it was longer…

 I am now reminded of what a waste. So much time, energy & passion we put into pushing what we think about something (in this case politics and could be either side) and it is so very temporal. Sadly I have to admit that I do not remember the last time I pushed and petitioned for someone to know Christ, to even a minimal degree as the passionate door knockers/callers of this last election. I feel as tho I should make a sign that just says Jesus and stick it in my yard. I know it isn’t exactly the same thing. But the energy that we as Christians put into something should always be less than what we put into spreading Christ right? I know it is a weird thing to think about, but for me it has been very convicting. And to be honest I think this blog would have come to fruition no matter last nights outcome.

 I know it is so difficult to have a full view of something, but as a believer we need to look at this from Christs perspective. No I have no idea, nor will I guess, at what Christ would have said about this election. But I know he would view it as something very insignificant, mainly because he breathed us into existence.

As we freak out or celebrate, remember that our ultimate hope comes from someone that is already a King. Not just a king of some empire, but literally THE King of everything.


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