December Nights

December Nights is something we have done at Northstar for the past 4 years. We simply move everything to the evening and we do not have church on Sunday mornings. It has been one of my favorite new traditions. We do it for a number of reasons. We are a portable church so we setup and tear down every week, with December nights we pick a location and leave everything set up. So this provides a much needed break for all of our volunteers. Besides the added break, it adds to the ‘awe’ of Christmas. I think everyone has memories of past Christmases with lights, trees and cold breath in the night air. To put it simply with technical terms, December Nights feels more Christmasy. I know that selfishly I enjoy it cause I wake up on Sunday mornings and don’t have to be anywhere. As a pastor and growing up a pastor’s kid, it makes you feel a little like a rebel, because you feel like your missing something. I can not wait to spend Sunday mornings this December with LaRae and Harper!
I am also excited to spend our evenings celebrating Christ coming to earth in an old church! If you are in the New River Valley you should come and join us. We don’t mind if you are a member somewhere else and are just peaking in! Come and celebrate and remember the day that Christ turned the world upside down.
 5pm at West Main Street, downtown Christiansburg. More info here


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