Favorites of 2012

This is a random list of my favorite things over the year of 2012. I waited till the 21st because I didn’t want to waste my time if the world ended.

Figure. – This app is so in depth for being a .99 app. You can create loops on the fly, even if you have no musical background, just select a key and time signature and you are off to being the next Jazzy Jeff. Seriously worth every cent.

Pitfall! – Surprisingly I have very few Iphone games, I just end up not ever playing them. But Pitfall is like an upgraded version of Temple Run and is a lot more fun. Great game for the bathroom (don’t act like you’re above that).

A Creation Liturgy: Gungor
Michael Gungor is an amazing musician and writer. All around he is just legit. This is a live album that they recorded out on the road at different places which makes it even cooler. It’s good. Get it.

Rehearsals: The Digital Age
I have wore this LP out. Every song is good. Their rendition of All Sons and Daughters song ‘All the Poor and Powerless’ is not just good, it’s moving. I can’t wait for more of their music to come out.

The Peace of Wild Things: Paper Route
I have no idea why this band is not huge. So talented with not just junky pop rock, but so much depth in their music. Paper Route has been one of my favorite bands for a long time and if you haven’t heard their stuff, just grab any album, they are all good.

The Reckoning: Needtobreathe
Even though this album came out in 2011 I am including it because I didn’t get into it until 2012. This is my favorite Rock album over the past year hands down. So good. I can put it on and listen straight thru and not have to skip anything. Listen to the title track to get a good feel for the album.

Night Visions: Imagine Dragons
I saw a video of them playing their first single acoustic and beating their feet and slapping their legs for the beat, I was sold. Just a good band, and I haven’t heard a song I don’t like yet. Here is the video I was talking about-

I could write about music a lot more, so I will just give a quick list and move on… Lovesick- Glorious Unseen, Forever Reign- Hillsong Chapel, Babel- Mumford and Sons, The 2nd Law- Muse. Okay I’ll stop.

Lawless is my favorite movie of the year. I think Shia LeBeouf and Tom Hardy nailed this movie. When it was over I was disappointed that there wasn’t more. Skyfall is the newest Bond movie and a gritty version of him, I loved it. The Dark Knight Rises, epic and left with a cliff hanger, Batman done right. I am not a scary movie guy really but Cabin in the Woods kept me guessing till the end and was just a solid movie.


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