If you didn’t know…I like music. I was just perusing some old music and it made me want to write a blog about some very underrated music (at least underrated in these here parts). My wife, LaRae, always calls me a music elitist, which I guess is true, but I just like well written sustainable music. I like all different kinds of music from folky to hip hop, and almost everything between that (still waiting for some folky hip hop tho). So I made a little list to brag on some good stuff. Everyone I write about here I would highly recommend to anyone, whatever your musical taste. And the reason I am writing about them is because I think they should be substantially more popular than they currently are.

The Frames. Glen Hansard is such an under rated and overlooked writer/musician. If you doubt then go listen to the bands album ‘Fitzcarraldo.’ Specifically listen to ‘Say it to me now.’ This album was released in 1996. Then he performed it stripped down in the movie ‘Once,’ which another of his songs won an oscar for. But this song holds up, 17 years after release. I know, at least for me, that when a song triggers a want and desire for me to grab some sort of an instrument and write something, it’s good music. And this song makes me feel that every single time. Check out original here… then the one featured in the movie…

Paper Route. I continually mention this band, because they are just all around solid. If you like the current trend of music (electronic-y), but also like indy band stuff, Paper Route will become your favorite band. For real. For example just listen to the track below, and after I will bet 9 people out of 10 will think ‘how are they not more popular?!’ and…Go.

This Will Destroy You. This is an instrumental rock band. There are probably a lot of these bands, but I  think 3 stand alone- ‘Explosions in the Sky,’ ‘Hammock,’ and this band. Their first album is ‘louder’ – with the use of amps pushed to the limit, and it was great, but their newest album is one where you can score a movie with it, or put it in the background of your day. Take a gander…

I just wanted to point out some great music for y’all to jump into.  Give it a listen and let me know what you think! Thanks for reading.


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