Between Sundays.

I’m sitting at Virginia Techs newest dining hall Turner Place, which is pretty amazing, and it’s completely packed. I’m surprised I found a spot to be honest.

For some reason today I just feel a weightiness to everything. Days like this give me a combination of depressed and motivated feelings. I know that makes little sense, but looking around and knowing that there are so many people here currently scarfing down their Brueggers Bagels and coffee that do not know who Christ is makes me sad; and then convicted and question if I am doing everything I need to be doing to not just reach individuals, but equip others to do so too. Then there’s that motivation I was speaking of. I am a Worship Pastor, I am not a speaker nor a theologian (although I do love a good debate) but that does not mean the only place God can use me is on stage with a guitar. And the same goes for you. Whatever your talent is do it and do it for the Lord, but know that that isn’t the only place where God wants you to serve Him. He wants the in between stuff too. The nights at your frat house, the study group you hate, the job where you sit next to a ‘Dwight,’ or even at your home with your family where you just want to turn on American Idol and not open the Bible.
I wanted to share this really quickly because wherever you find yourself reading this there is a very high probability that you are sitting near a person who doesn’t know Jesus. Do something about it! Strike up a convo, or just pray for them, just make some sort of effort today for the sake of Christ.
Please just don’t forget that being a Christian really has very little to do with Sundays, it’s what happens between them. When you live like that, you will show up on Sunday with an already full heart, and you are so ready to worship!

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