Creative Tuesday

Once again a creative post. Just things that I came across that I liked for one reason or another. I actually posted some images by one of my favorite designers, a man named Michael Sanders. He is that rare designer that is insanely creative, but also has the skills to pull off whats in his head, almost always flawlessly. I am lucky enough to call him a friend, and he was gracious enough in college to show me the ropes of photoshop and just designing in general. Why do I love his work? Simple, it’s because that even when he is designing for fun and not a job it is still ridiculously well done (ie the ‘they’re having a baby’ poster below). Check out his full site here

The video at the end of the post is by a some ridiculously talented people that I can also say I am friends with (duck duck collective). Really, all of their work is great and that is why they are doing well in NYC. Check out more of their stuff here.

If you are reading this I would love to hear some of your thoughts!

I’m a sucker for good a clever branding poster.

Don’t worry I am not getting an anchor tattoo, I just really love when a tattoo remains looking like a pencil drawn piece of art, and the color accents on this are pretty sweet.

From `burg to `burg – Iscorama 36 lens test from DuckDuck Collective on Vimeo.


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