My Last Day

I have a very regular schedule when it comes to Sunday mornings. I get all my stuff together on Saturday night so that I am up and out the door within 15 minutes on Sunday morning. I then head to Starbucks to just make sure details are handled, read and pray. So right now I am sitting at my Starbucks in Blacksburg Virginia, it is currently 6:46am on my last Sunday here.

Blogging isn’t a normal part of my routine, but I as I am getting prepared my mind keeps wandering. I keep stumbling upon the question- How did I get here? Don’t get me wrong, I mean this with no negativity, just thinking of the progression of life events and being a little nostalgic as I drink this blonde roast. When I take the helicopter view of my life I see God’s hand at every turn, every intersection, every decision. This absolutely does not mean every decision I have made has been God ordained, but if it wasn’t He used it for his glory.

Me and my brother singing with some random creepy guy. I really just wanted to show this picture! 🙂


The places I got to go and talk about worship over the past year.

It simply is amazing how all things become entwined and push toward your purpose as life progresses. For me I look at: leading hand motions in middle school to a cd worship (the best was one the cd skipped and no one knew where it went in the song), starting to lead worship & change overhead projector ‘transparencies’ on Sunday mornings in high school, playing music for fun at Camp Chof as a couselor, transferring to Liberty and watching worship music done on a scale I had never seen, traveling with the worship band Cross Culture, and so many others. These life events have only cemented my calling to lead worship, it is hilarious that I didn’t catch on to where I was being called until very late in my college career, because as I write this it is apparent He had put the ‘itch’ very early in life. Even to get to this point of moving to Florida has at times felt like a guessing game. There were a bunch of  opportunities just in the past year across the US; and visiting with a bunch of people and hearing from these pastors hearts about worship has really only encouraged me in my calling as well!

I say this not to be nostalgic for the sake of being nostalgic but because my God is a big one. He knew where I would be way before I did. The lack of faith I’ve shown throughout my life is astounding, especially when I can see a clear cut path that He has put before me. I may not know what exactly I am doing or what is exactly expected, but I can see God’s hand in it and I am finally to the point where I can actually say that is enough. I am ready to jump with both feet to wherever He calls me.

Here is the point, so many of our decisions here on earth, as humans, parents, workers, ext…are completely based on fear. The fear of getting hurt, fear of embarrassment, fear of losing, fear of what others think, fear of failure. FEAR. I know fear is essential and actually a healthy thing, fear keeps us aware and keeps us alive at times. I am not suggesting to ignore fear, what I am suggesting is to make it less of a factor in your decision process. Christianity would not be where it is today without our forefathers ignoring their fear and trusting God completely and jumping in.

I believe a large part of the problem with American Christianity is that there has not been any fear associated with being a Christian. It has been easy to live as a ‘Christian,’ no one even questioned it, so it was an easy choice. Right now that is changing, in fact right now I think there is a lot of fear-mongering going on, and it will only continue to be more politically correct to do so. (But that is another blog post entirely :).

I end with a very popular motivational quote, but still rings very true. What great thing would you attempt if you knew would not fail?


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