Preparing for Sunday Mornings.

In Exodus 40, God breaks down what needs to happen and describes the steps Moses needs to set up the Tabernacle. When you read through those 30+ verses it seems a little monotonous, especially to us now in the age of turning on a few switches and we are ready. The days of the Tabernacle are over, but the day of worship will never end. So how do we prepare for our Sunday mornings, how do we prep our place and our hearts for worship?

Prayer and Humility. That may sound like a Sunday school answer but thats where it starts and ends. Pray that God will open your heart to hear from His word this week. Pray and thank Him for Jesus and what he finished on the cross, and thank Him for the opportunity to worship Him another Sunday with other believers. I think setting up the Tabernacle and doing all these things also helped to keep Moses and the priests humble, and was a reminder that it wasn’t about them. Pray for a humble spirit and to elevate Christ and not you this week.

The last part of Exodus 40 describes the presence of God in the Tabernacle. It says that Moses could not even enter because His presence was so dense. We probably won’t ever experience God coming and filling a place with a ‘cloud’ by day and ‘fire’ by night. Mainly because His Spirit is already in us! So this week pray to stoke that fire. Pray that He does show up and move during worship this week, not for your benefit but for the Kingdoms.


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