When tragedy strikes, and without a relationship with the one who holds the universe together, what is keeping you from depression or even just taking your own life? Ronda Rousey spoke of her loss on Ellen this week and was open about how she had suicidal thoughts after. I am not equating Ronda’s loss to an actual tragedy, but for her it was a tragedy.

When you find all of your worth in accomplishments, money or just stuff what keeps you who you are when that stuff goes away? The enemy not only lives but thrives in that environment and will whisper those exact quotes that Ronda conveyed on the Ellen show, “What am I anymore if I am not this // I am nothing // what do I do, no one gives a ‘crap’ about you.” As a believer no matter what happens you can answer those all of those questions without sugarcoating…What am I – an heir to God’s Kingdom // I am nothing – God values me so much that he sent His son to carry my burdens and die // No one gives a crap about you – Jesus knows everything about you, all of the stuff you have kept hidden away and willingly opens his hands to you.

To the non believer, without Christ this life is literally pointless. That may sound like a defeated statement,  but we were created by Him and FOR HIM so when we live outside of that, there is a reality to that feeling of no purpose. You have a large empty void in your soul that can only be filled by Christ. Right now you have a house, a kid, a car, a paycheck, a career and you are trying to cover that hole with that stuff. To be honest it might work for a bit, but not for long. You will get bored with the new house, car will rust, kids grow up, lose your job etc. Your true identity is found only in Christ and if you don’t have a relationship with Him you will continually look for things to pull your identity from.

To the believer, your identity is already in Christ, so in moments of thinking ‘all is lost’ remember who you are in the eyes of God, a prince or a princess, that is perfect and holy because of Christ! Shift your view to live for Him and not whatever is giving you that brief and in the moment satisfaction.

*This is not an a blog about how you should not seek help or even seek medication if you are struggling with depression. Depression is a real and serious illness and sometimes occurs due to being chemically imbalanced.

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