It is human nature to look at situations through our own lenses, through our own experiences. When we look at the last few weeks, we try and relate it to ourselves, and if we are believers we often try to figure out what God is doing around us (like we are the center of everything). For me, it has been a time of reevaluating how I have viewed our world. I think for a period of time I have been viewing life through rose colored glasses, but that is over. It would be easy to just be cynical, become jaded and sarcastic, those things are natural to me. But instead I am choosing to do the opposite to be more compassionate and if I am angry, I will be angry for the cause of Christ and angry at the enemy who steals, corrupts and breaks everything in his path, for no other reason other than that he can. I will do my best to not be angry or complain about my pain or struggle but fight for the lost, the desperate and the broken.

The world is fractured away from God, it has been since the fall. It won’t be fixed, but we can be. We are/can be restored by Christ, and when we are we are given a task to go and mend the broken, to fix the crushed and pick up the lost. I confess that I probably have not been doing that as much as I should. I chose to put on my American Christianity and skip down the road, instead of pushing for the mark. Not anymore. Christianity was never meant to be some pristine untouched little chapel, it has always been about cleaning feet. It was about touching the diseased. It was about loving the least. Ministry is messy because everyone has sin, and sin is like a sticky, black tar that marks and mars up lives, marriages, relationships and church life in general.

No church is perfect or ever will be, we have imperfect people that have different opinions and voices trying to steer a ship full of other people that have opinions. So if you are in that rocking ship sharing your opinion, dig in and help! Every church is always looking for people to serve, so jump in. If you claim Christ and are a believer and the extent of your Christianity is that you attend church, please make a change or just get out. Does that sound harsh? Here let me rephrase, if you don’t do anything at/for the church but come in, sit down, and treat it like some sort of show, then you are just a spectator. Church has never been about you, so stop being grumpy when they didn’t play your favorite song (new or old) or have the donut with the sprinkles you wanted, or that the service started at 10:45am and not 11:00am like you wanted. Again, Church has never been about you, so stop trying to make it about you. Instead pray for your neighbor, or that guy at work going through a divorce and that family that lost someone and look for opportunities to not just invite them to church but to share Jesus with them.


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