Social Media Truths Everyone Knows But Turns A Blind Eye To.

1. Everyone knows why you are taking and posting those selfies that are of you looking straight up at a camera. It’s ok, holiday weight sometimes turns into…well just regular weight. It’s alright that you are hiding a chin behind your first two. Also who are you kidding,  you live in the same town we obviously know you didn’t lose 20lbs in your face in the last hour since we saw ya. It’s ok! Just lower the selfie stick parallel with the ground and no judgements will be made. #jellydoughnutstho

2. We all love a heartwarming #blessed tag, but when you use it to brag it’s a little off putting. “Just got that raise going to buy a Porsche and a new Ed Hardy shirt #blessed.” See what I mean? No? Ok here’s another’ “Steppin off this Learjet, I’m all about that island life. #iboughtanisland #desert-island.png #blessed.” #AllProAthletes

3. What a beautiful sunrise, are those clouds actually fuchsia and burnt orange at the same time!? It’s amazing that it is just a little blurry on the outside and then perfectly clear right in that one spot! Why is it so scorched/scratched/faded? Did you find this picture in an old trunk in your attic? #filters

4.  Yes. We all noticed that you liked that picture that was posted 89 weeks ago, and yes we will do our best to not make eye contact with you the next time we see you. #creeper

5.  When a girl goes to the beach, she takes a picture of the knees with ocean/sand in the background and when a man has a cup of coffee, he uses it as a photo op (a book next to it is optional). I’ve done it (numerous times) you have too, so that sets up the debate…Ladies Hot Dog Legs vs Men Muggin’ It? We may never know the actual winner, but I know this is my favorite ‘Hot Dog Leg’ pic, and it broke through the gender barrier …#hotdoglegs

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 5.07.04 PM.png


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