God’s Love

I have just been been really thinking about how much God cares for us. How much He esteems and elevates us. How much He listens to us and that He actually wants to do that.

God also hates, absolutely abhors sin. I think a lot of that is because what it does to His creation. How dare we {how dare I} horde sin and take advantage of Gods goodness and His perfect love. I can’t help but think of how lopsided our relationship is. Yes, I know He is a perfect God who never fails and I am a constant under-achiever. Still, even on my best day I am the high school boyfriend who always counts on his girlfriend showing up and loving him, with very little, if any, effort on my end. The boyfriend who cheats, gets caught, feels bad for a few days and does good out of guilt, for at least a few days. When that scenario plays out it is easy to see that we use God as a backup, we string Him along, and everyone around watching knows that we abuse that relationship. Yes, grace abounds, but I should continually need less and less grace as I progress in my relationship, right?

The crazy cherry on top, is that God knows this about us. He knows our hearts and minds are prone to wander. We are very quick to replace the number one priority with stuff or things or even aperson and yet He continues to love us. He loved us first, in our sin. He loved (or loves) us as we question our faith, as we rebel and then in our coming back to Him. That is what separates Christianity from any other faith. Our God isn’t just a judge, isn’t just a ruler, but someone who loves us in spite of our weaknesses. He is a caring Father, who sent His perfect son to help cover those blemishes.

The Church continually takes God’s love for granted. We almost try to bottle it up like manna and we also seem to get possessive of it. When really, sharing God’s love, God’s message of love, the gospel, is the reason we live here on this broken planet. We can fill our lives with ‘good’ things, but our mission and call as believers, as Christ followers, is to worship and create more worshipers.

Christians, if you are reading this right now, just take a minute to reflect on God’s love for you today. Let it soak in that the God of this universe, the one who created your soul, crafted your personality, the one that knows every thought you have had good, bad, dark and happy, the one that chose to love us before we loved Him, that same God, is proud of you. He thinks of you often, you are on His mind currently. He is waiting for you to talk to Him today, He’s ready for a conversation anytime you are.

Stop abusing your relationship with God and remember your mission today. How are you worshiping Him today? What are you doing today that will help create more worshipers?

Here is a song that may help you look at God’s love a little bit differently today.


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