I’m about to travel 4000 miles to talk about music and Jesus. Do you think I’m excited?
This opportunity is one that literally came out of nowhere and I am so excited. I have continuously prayed to have no expectations and to be flexible, so who knows what’s going to happen. I would appreciate the prayers!
I think I have answered the question of ‘why’ a handful of times since signing into the trip, and I really want to say ‘why not.’ But I wanted to take my time and answer the ‘why’ question a couple of ways…
Why #1Why are you going somewhere else to do ministry when you are already doing it here?
As a believer I am told directly by Jesus to go into all the world. Sometimes that may mean that cranky neighbor next door, the barista where you get coffee, a co-worker…but for me (this time) it literally meant jump on a plane and go! For me submitting to God that I am always willing to go wherever He wants is not just something I want to say, but also put in practice. I also really want my kids to view doing missions work and traveling to serve and talk about Jesus as something that is not just normal but also typical and celebrated!
Why #2Why Ireland?
Ireland is a de-churched nation full of people that are just completely over religion. The type of churches we have in America don’t really exist there. It isn’t like we (the US) have everything figured out, I truly plan on learning just as much as teaching while there! I get to share tiny shreds of knowledge I have learned throughout the past 14 years of leading worship, and I can’t wait to help lead another body of Christ in worship on a different continent!
Why #3Why are you going with another church?
I guess the first answer is because they asked :). But really my church is part of THE Church. I don’t care if they are SBC or abc, as long as they believe the same core beliefs then I can go and partner with them in ministry! The way I see it is that we have the same end goal. We want to see souls saved, lives changed, and people drawing closer to Jesus.
Why #4 Why are you going now?
Simple. If not now then when?

And that’s where I will end this post…what are you putting off that could be done today for Christ? What are you being called to do that you just have put on a shelf with the excuse of ‘timing?’ Stop delaying, cause delayed obedience is still disobedience!



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