Ireland. 2

Here’s an update:IMG_4025.JPGSo we arrived in Dublin at 6am local time (so 1am back home). We hopped in a bus and traveled to Navan which is about 45 minutes or so north. We went directly to the church and dove into a traditional Irish breakfast.IMG_4030.JPG (Yes, I did eat the blood pudding and to be honest it was pretty good). After that we dove into some training time for their team. Some teaching about what worship is, some vocal training and some band run throughs with some food mixed in there somewhere. After this we had checked into the place we are staying and went and had dinner and started rehearsing. Needless to say we were a bit tired. And got to hit the hay at doubt 9pm. // Sunday we got to lead worship for the church as they were celebrating their 9th anniversary. It is a pretty big deal over here to make it as a IMG_4048.JPGchurch, to put this into context the last
‘church plant’ in town is was in the 1700s. It was a great time, with some great people. It was great seeing and hearing from some of their worship team that they saw and heard some things they were going to start doing ect…so cool. After the 2 services we headed to Trim Castle. Which was a legit castle built in 1108 and lots of Braveheart was shot there. Definitely a cool experience and was amazingly beautiful little town with this big castle right in the middle. Crazy…IMG_4056.JPGIMG_4090.JPGIMG_4082.JPG

I am looking forward to more time with the team and getting to see more of this great country. Tomorrow is our off day and we head to Dublin. 🙂


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