Ireland. In Summation.


I apologize that this post has been so delayed. I really just have not had time to sit down and jot out this simple post.

So…”What did I do/how was it,” have been the two frequent questions I have been asked.Well, I got to go to Ireland and meet a team there part of a church that was eagerly wanting to learn things from a group of worshipers/worship leaders. I know that we shared things, and did our best to show how we did things, but I know that we all
left having learned and being poured into as well. We saw castles, one where they shot a lot of scenes from Braveheart, which was cool. We toured Dublin on a double decker bus, saw cathedrals, the book of Kells, Trinity college library, all which was great. Then we coached, painted (the wrong fence first), painted again, pulled weeds (including the great ‘Stinging Nettles’ not the best day to wear shorts). We led worship, cleaned, fixed, encouraged, played basketball, ate blood pudding, sang at a nursing home, learned new songs like The Fields of Athenry.

This trip was almost exactly what I was wanting/ needing /craving. Well there was definitely a little more manual labor then I expected,
image8but it was a good thing, because I was eating all the carbs (fish and chips, some sort of caramel waffle cookies, and lots of coffee with no splenda in sight so it was straight good ol’ sugar.

So, if I can sum up what this trip was in one word, it would have to be Refreshing. So, how does a short 7 day trip to a country 4000 miles away, filled with weed pulling, painting, teaching, leading and lots of walking become refreshing? I can not put my finger on it, definitely more than just one reason. I know it started out with random people sending me their hard earned money to help me go on this trip. If that was you that is reading this, thank you. You deserve way more than a shout out on a random blog, but you were part of something that you won’t, I won’t, know the extent of probably until after this life, so again, thank you. Another reason probably has something to do with traveling with like-minded people who play music and desire to see the world worship.

image13Maybe it was Pastor Jamie at Lighthouse Community Church who wants to see his country come to Jesus and you see his passion for this within minutes of meeting him. Maybe it was talking and teaching about worship and seeing people latching onto ideas and wanting more! Maybe it was Rosemary O’Sullivan, who was one of the older ladies who was at the nursing home where we sang, who told me her story of being a ‘sister’ in the 1950’s while holding (very tightly) onto my hand the entire time. Mostly though, I know it was refreshing to see another branch of the Church. Seeing the Body of Christ on a different continent, singing and worshiping the same great God that I do, is something that will never get old to me. It is something that every American believer should experience at least once, there really are no wordsto describe it. You just are reminded of how big our God is, how big the mission is, how small you are, but also how Christ makes you significant. It was great to be reminded of what is important, loving people and sharing who Christ is. Of course I didn’t have to go to Ireland to know that, but it helped seeing it in a tangible way, outside of our regular routines.

The other huge thing for me was our team. John and I were the ‘unique’ ones who are serving at other churches and not the church that led this trip. But I could not have picked a better team. This team came together in a weird way. People were added within 48 hours of leaving! But God had a plan [like He always does]. I became friends with them and find myself laughing to myself at random things that pertain to the trip. I know that bond will fade in time because we are back to our normal lives but I can tell you that each one of them made a lasting impression on me. I am a large fan of Tim’s dry sense of humor and keeping it together after a hard fall on the basketball court. Emily played the mother hen role reluctantly, but did a great job at it. Jessie is literally inspirational, and I hope my daughter has as big of a heart. Dakota showed true grit by powering through a sickness and playing thru a fever [reminiscent of Michael Jordan J]. Baylee is way more mature than her years on this planet convey. Gibby, that guy is talented, but besides that is very easy to talk to and knows who he is. Rina is a cool lady who is talented in way to many ways. Brenden and I are definitely kindred spirits and I am so happy he came on the trip. Olga is one of those natural born leaders, doesn’t sit back, just goes for it and you want to just be a part of it. Dev is a humble guy, that is so talented you want to punch him, but you don’t because he has great hair. Katelyn and her cheery facial expressions make you want to hang out with her. Stevie made me laugh the entire trip, and I think I need wayyy less of her in my monitor. John and I met at a starbucks and the bromance hasn’t stopped haha. I am glad very glad that he has been in my life this past year especially. God is a good God, and I don’t think anything makes Him as happy as when we worship Him and tell others about Him. That is why Worship and Missions go hand in hand.




For lots and lots of better pictures go here…

There is so much to talk about when it comes to this trip, so if you want to talk, find me, buy me some coffee and lets chat 😉 (or just send me a message).


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